Psychological Services & Ethical Leadership, Projects Operations & Cost Saving Consultants.

The  Firm

Enaikidigha Trade and Investments Company Limited:

  • registration number 6222197 in 2007 by Companies House,  England, UK
  • consumer credit Licence 603247 in 2007 by Office of Fair Trading, UK.

We are:
  • Psychologists; Leadership, Projects Operations and Cost Saving Consultants;
  • Lecturers; Positive Mental Health Facilitators;
  • Independent Observers and Commentators on Local, National and Global issues.

Our credibility

Our services are provided by:

Credible professionals engaged in evidence based service delivery in personal and corporate positive mental wellbeing. Examples:

  • chartered clinical psychologists; accredited therapists;
  • leadership and management coaches, trainers, mentors;
  • project and operational  management personnel;
  • personnel in business planning and enterprise.

We accept local, national and overseas referrals from:
  • Individuals and families
  • Companies and organisations
  • Governments
We deliver our services at:
  • Our  sites in London, UK or
  • Your site (e.g. your  home, your institution or country)